Why should I get a desk mat?

Why should I get a Desk Mat? 

Desk Mats have an array of benefits and can help enhance your current working environment. Infact, we'd put a desk mat as a key essential to a healthy working environment, if you have a computer/laptop to work with, we'd suggest buying a desk mat as a priority, and then accessories such as drink coasters, charging devices, plants and wrist rests. 


We've curated a list as to why having a desk mat should be the foundation to your desk or workspace:


  •  An Extended Mouse Pad: One of the greatest benefits to a desk mat is the ability to use it as a bigger and extended mouse pad. Most traditional mousepads span only a couple inches in all directions from the actual mouse and limit the mobility, which can be quite distracting and limiting! Wish a desk pad, there is very limited limitation and you can let your mouse wander as freely as you need for your work. This is great particularly for design work or gaming. At the Modern Mango, we offer 3 different sizes, with our largest mat being 90X45cm, giving ample room for movement.
  • Desk Protection - Many of our office essentials, such as our laptops, mouse, keyboard, keys, stands can cause scratches over time, resulting in permanent and long term damage. The Desk Mat can protect from all this damage while providing a cushioning surface. Additionally, stain and spills can be easily wiped from our desk mats, instead of causing permanent damage to your desk.
  • Desk Layout and Organisation- The desk mat helps create a cleaner space for your desk and helps set the scene fro your workspace. We recommend using the desk mat as a place to put your desk accessories, which helps organise and simplify your space.  The organisational aspect of the desk mat is great at boosting productivity.
  • Smooth Writing Surface: These day there is greater availability of desk mat surfaces with different benefits, such as leather, felt and PU leather. PU (vegan) leather is a more superior option when it comes to writing. PU is a great blotting surface and allows for smooth pen movements without restriction. Our Modern Mango Desk Mats are all made from PU leather. 
  • Aesthetics and Style- The overall look of your workspace can definitely be enhanced by a desk mat. For a more minimalistic look, colours like grey, white, black and neutral browns are a good choice. For a pop of colour to set a theme to your desk, bolder colours as a better option. At Modern Mango, we have 17 colours to choose from, including neutral and bright colours. 

For example, our blush pink desk mat sets the tone well: 

  • Ergonomics: The most underrated benefit is the ergonomic or health benefit of a desk mat. Desk mats limit fatigue as they provide a softer, padded surface to lean your wrists and forearms on. Reduced friction when moving your mousepad is healthier for your joints in the long term. 

Our PU leather Desk Mats are the best available. We have careful designed them to incorporate the above benefits and offer style. We offer tham in 17 colours and in three sizes to suit your needs!