What size desk mat is right for me?

Our Desk Mats come in three sizes. Which one would suit your work space?
This quick guide will help you choose the right one for your set up:


1. Small: 

Our Small Desk Mat measures 60X30cm and works well for smaller desk spaces:

  •  It can easily fit a 13inch laptop and mouse.
  • Alternatively, the small size works well as a keyboard and mouse pad with a monitor set up. 

2. Regular. 

The Regular Mat measures 80X40cm and works well for most workspaces:

  •  Perfect for a 13-16 inch laptop, mouse and multiple smaller accessories.  

3: Large

The Large Mat measures 90X45cm and is great for large workspaces. 

  • Perfect for any size laptop, mouse and multiple other larger accessories. 
  • Large working space, especially for anyone who require restriction free mouse movement. 
  • Covers a large desk area, perfect for maximum protection of your desk space.