How to set up your workplace at home - Tips and advice


Since the pandemic, our definition of workplace has completely evolved and will likely never be the same as we once knew it to be.  From a more traditional office setting to now home set ups and remote work, flexibility and the option to create our own space are new concepts we've been allowed to explore.

As individuals, our priorities greatly differ. For example, some of us prefer background noise and choose to station ourselves in more dynamic environments, whereas some prefer peace and quite, opting for more private settings and having noise cancelling accessories on hand.

There is no set way in how you set up your home office, however we've collected some tips and tricks to help you set up your perfect working environment that we believe can elevate any workspace and enable higher levels of satisfaction and subsequently concentration and productivity. 


Tips when setting up your desk and home office


Try find a spot with some natural lighting.

With the sudden work from home movement, you might have found yourself scarce of time to decorate your desk, however good surroundings really do make all the difference, so we highly suggest investing time into creating a beautiful space!

Choosing a space that has good natural lighting is one of the first considerations to make as it can make a world of a difference to how you feel everyday. Backed by science and research, having natural lighting can positively affected your mood by boosting serotonin. The grounding affect of natural lighting has shown to reduce stress levels and consequently improve levels of concentration as compared to little to no natural lighting. 


Add plants 

We're not suggesting to start working in a greenhouse (unless you'd like to!), but even a low-maintenance plant such as a succulent can make a world of a difference to your home office desk setup’s overall atmosphere. From sprouting herbs at your desk, to more leafy/vine like plants, a little bit of greenery at your desk is a must have. 

Many people have chosen to start their plant nursing journeys as an addition to their work from home lifestyle, which is a wonderful way to have little breaks to focus on something else and add positivity to your daily life as you grow something of your own. We'd like to think of it as your new office buddy! 

Small plants are easy to come by and are usually stocked at major retailers. We highly recommend purchasing from local nurseries and discussing your abilities to manage a small plant with a worker to determine the best plant for you.

Lastly, for those who are highly concerned that they can't look after a plant no matter what, fake plants are a good way to add a pop of green without the worry of maintenance. 


Desk Accessories 

Other than plants, there are so many things you can put on your desk which can shape your workplace. Desk accessories and peripherals can help your space feel more modern and productive.

Like any solid infrastructure, the foundation is the most important factor when building something great above it. 

Premium Desk Mats are an essential for any desk when enhancing the functionality and style of your new workspace. Desk mats function as a mousepad, writing surface, arm wrest and protect the underlying desk.

They also set the tone of your workspace. Neutral tones like black, white, cream, grey and brown can create a minimalistic foundation to layer up with further accessories, whereas brighter tones like blues, purples and pinks offer an easy way to add theme or pop of colour to your desk. We offer 17 colours to choose from. 

Ergonomic Considerations

As important as creating a stylish environment is the ergonomic considerations of your work space. Ensuring good ergonomic is good for your overall 

Standing desks have become popularised as they help staying active and energised, however traditional desks can still be optimised to ensure good posture and positioning. 

Some tips including making sure your desk chair has adequate cushioning, your feet are flat on the floor with your knees parallel to the ground at a 90 degree angle, and your elbows are also at a 90 degree angle to your desk. 

Taking breaks at frequent intervals is advised, so it's worth setting up your space in an area where there is adequate space to get up and stretch. 

Finishing Note: 

Creating a work space at home is all about finding the equilibrium between style and practicality and should be personalised as to what suits YOU. Whether you're using your dining take, the kitchen bench top or a dedicated office room, you can make considerations, changes and additions to make that workplace suitable for you. 

A workplace that is personalised and optimised for you helps bring out the best work in you and can help you feel good on a day to day basis.  With the availability of products and desk accessories, there is a sea of options to create an office desk setup at home that is best for you.